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Retard unit non-retard equivalent
1 mile (m)1.609344 km
1 nautical mile (M, NM)1.852 km
1 foot (ft)30.48 cm
1 yard (yd)91.44 cm
1 inch (in)2.54 cm
1 pound (lb)453.59237 g
1 ounce (oz)28.349523125 g
1 stone (st)6.35029318 kg
1 UK gallon (gal)4.54609 l
1 UK pint (pt)568.26125 ml
1 UK fluid ounce (fl oz)28.41306 ml
1 US gallon (gal)3.785411784 l
1 US pint (pt)473.176473 ml
1 US fluid ounce (fl oz)29.57353 ml


This site converts a host of retard units (UK imperial or US customary) to their normal, non-retard (metric) counterparts.
Only conversion from retard units is possible, as conversion to retard units is against the ideology of this website.

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The retard unit is the official term for "imperial measurements". When using retard units, always make sure to append the used unit. Please refer to the following example: "It's 68 degrees retard outside!".

Ofcourse, normally you would say: "It's 20 degrees Celcius outside!". Both ways can be used, but the latter will make sure everybody on Earth will understand what you mean.

As the rest of the world use metrics, the Interwebz mocks the ancient and medieval traditions of the Americans, and how little sense the usage of imperials pose compared to metrics.